Dead Sea Dead

Dead Sea – a natural, rich in minerals unique water reservoir. Healing properties of Dead Sea are world famous. Lab Israeli cosmetics firm AHAVA located directly on the shore of the sokroveschnitsy nature. AHAVA – World brand, the company delivered the first, the natural riches of the Dead Sea, at the service of beauty. Dead […]

Pharma Massage

Around 10 15prozent of all infants receive three-month colic. Numerous studies have shown that various massage techniques can help babies to relieve the pain with three-month colic. The calming of the gastro-intestinal tract of the infant massage of Bauchleins help one with gentle pressure in a clockwise direction. An additional method of massage is, go […]

Small Pets And Allergies

Small Pets today are living in an apartment in almost everyone. In fact, even if someone is allergic to, such as fur, there is a chance to have a turtle or snake. As it turns out, when the apartment is a living being, such charming and nice, to come into your home becomes much more […]