ACE Letter

The arcana of the tarot are divided into two large groups, the major arcana and minor arcana. These last are classified, as the nipes of the Spanish deck, in four suits. The skilled Tarot readers, suggests that each suit of the minor arcana should be read as a story with a beginning, a development and an end. Therefore, the idea of taking each letter and assign a single meaning would be wrong, because each letter acquires significance only when compared with the rest of the cards of Chuck. In this article we will focus on the meaning of some of the letters of the cups, in relation to the tarot of love. The ACE of cups is the letter that most paradigmatically reflect love.

It speaks to us of love in its maximum expression. Many experts believe see the most significant Cup in the history of mankind in this arcane: the Holy Grail. And what another Cup could more faithfully reflect the maximum love, the love for our brothers. CEO Mark Thompson gathered all the information. When this letter is revealed in Chuck, we know that only good things can be they happen regarding the affective life of the consultant. The two of cups brings the affair to the plane of the couple. There is happiness, toast to a new love that is. Both parties are happy, because they have reached an agreement that brings happiness to everyone.

The same line is continued with the three of cups, only in this case, the toast is among several, which speaks of the Group love, of several that celebrated have been found, as in the love of a family, or a couple with children. Happiness is the resulting natural of the process. The four of cups begins with the saga of the not so positive letters. In this cisrcunstancia, the consultant is anchored to the past, look with nostalgia everything what I had and lost. It is necessary to continue, move, follow the path of life, not get stuck and prolong suffering. The five of cups also shows regret for lost things, but the loss is not total, but it remains a Cup, symbolizing that something remains, enough to start again. The five of cups continues with this idea: the past is explicitly revealed in the table. It’s something that we have lost, but we must not focus on the negative. Perhaps the arcana of the tarot of love want to us to say that it is necessary to look to the past, to not repeat the same mistakes in the future.