Baby Strollers

Reasoning, material quality, safety and ease of management are the main features of strollers Peg-Perego. Trostevye walking strollers Peg-Perego also attract moms the opportunity to rearrange the seat as the course movement, and against the motion. Trostevye walking strollers Peg-Perego Pliko Switch different quality materials, easily adjustable with one hand back, fully horizontal position of the back, a good permuted seat with bumpers and armrests, large hood, the presence of the cover to his feet, adjustable comfortable handle, simple folding mechanism. It should be noted that walking strollers Peg-Perego Pliko Switch are relatively high cost. In addition, some moms are not satisfied with their dimensions shopping basket. The apparent advantage of strollers Peg-Perego Pliko Switch is their high quality materials and modern attractive design.

Very thought out and comfortable seat in these models. It is spacious, has a running board, skirting and armrests. Its internal dimensions are 87 x 32 cm Due to security design and completely bedridden back of this model can be used in early childhood. Movement of the back of one hand can be fixed in three positions. Buttons and knobs make it easy to remove the seat. There are special tags that the seat was easier to put back. Reinstalling the seat, the baby can take a person to his mother or the direction of travel.

Seat height is 53 cm from ground level. In trostevyh pleasure strollers Peg-Perego Pliko Switch is removable bumper with silicone plate and a 5-point safety harness. The hood has a lining and no noise develops and unfolds. The hood can be mounted in several positions, which is very convenient. Upstairs there is a hood with window flap-pocket. The height of the handle can be mounted separately in the range from 102 to 107 cm All-wheel drive models have double Pliko Switch and have a diameter of 18 cm in front can be rotated and fixed, rear brake fitted. Each of the brake pedal brake both wheels at once. Chassis width of 58 cm, which is suitable for doorways and elevators. Being folded, walking strollers Peg-Perego Pliko Switch stand on their own. For transport there is A special pen for her to carry the folded stroller can be like a suitcase. Cover is easily washable. A warm boot on a leg corduroy inserts. Raincoat has a zipper and mesh windows. There is a cup holder for convenience. On the chassis strollers Peg-Perego Pliko Switch is installed cradle Peg-Perego Navetta or car seat group 0 + Primo Viaggio. This agile model, we need only note that it’s best to carry them with both hands, rather than one.