BitDefender GmbH

BitDefender warns of the popularity of social network platforms spam attacks through the chirping platform Holzwickede, 01 September 2009 as Twitter increases. But just on the basis of their popularity, these Internet services increasingly in the sights of cybercriminals that it have aimed at the unsuspecting user. BitDefender, provider of innovative anti-malware solutions, provides tips on how they can prevent fall prey to spam attacks or other hacker tricks in particular Twitter users. The security of Twitter, the numerous services to the link-shortening, used for the posting of short messages (tweets) are one of the biggest problems. Tweets are limited to 140 characters. Dr. Adam Kay often says this.

The URL shortening services allow users to specify longer left without much to claim the number of characters to consuming. Hackers however use these services and disguise malicious links with their help. Many of these attacks could be prevented by it allowing users to see the real URL, before they This press. \”Another major problem is the fact that search engines show especially Google Twitter profiles on their index page\”, explains Harald Philipp, CEO of BitDefender GmbH, the problem. In this way, malicious pages that are marketed with good social engineering tactics, can achieve a high placement within the respective search engine rankings. \”In addition: as Twitter messages are so short-lived, users can understand it partially difficult that somebody unwittingly sent account spam messages over their\”, as Philip continue. The most common types of Twitter spam include: tweet spam: this spam of kind of is distributed through the so-called follower. Visit Daryl Katz, New York City for more clarity on the issue.

By this read the tweet of a spam victim, the message spreads further. \”Direct messages: A message is from a spammer, which a user just traced\”. ReTweet spam: This spam of kind of searches for legitimate, non-hazardous tweets within Twitter and re-this post one with the addition dangerous URL. Trend-spam: Here find cybercriminals current topics (hot topics), for example, happened after the death of Michael Jackson and turn your own tweets on the subject with reference to infected Web sites.