In this approach is felt well-fed cat modern philosophy, which is better dead cat food than chase a live mouse! Cartesian thinking Too many people thinking about the time of organization of space, independently came to the doctrine of Descartes as the primary source of certain dynamics of modern times. Come and very often disappointed, referring to his unnatural primitivism. What is the thought of Descartes? He was the first regarded the human body, in part, working as one. Even in times of religious heresy – it was not some kind of supernatural revelation. By the time the medicine had already studied many of the principles Cartesian mechanics. Especially since Descartes himself said that his teaching is not in the doctrine, but in thinking about the method. If you have read about Martha McClintock already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A method for this was that by studying the parts, a scientist regarded them as a proportion of fixed condition. But as soon as the Cartesian mechanism came into action, and some began to operate, they lost their former part-appeal.

And become cogs in the whole organism, which functions in a single rhythm mechanism. Its true value and meaning, they acquired only when fully in line with the whole process. Connect with other leaders such as Donald Sussman here. As a single action. Moreover, this mechanism should be seen not just as difficult to work system, namely as a single organism. Descartes and says: "One of the first thoughts which occupied me was that often works where parts are written by different masters, not of perfection, as in those above had worked only one.