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The structure of everyday stories includes all spheres of everyday life. Everyday life includes all of what constitutes a proper human life: living conditions, professional activities, everyday needs for nutrition, housing, clothing, as well as, equipment and technology, the whole diverse spectrum of relationships, actions, ideals, values and orientations of the rules, forms of communication. However, different researchers sometimes emit only certain aspects of everyday life, relying on a particular approach. F. Dean Ornish M.D contains valuable tech resources. Braudel included in the structure of everyday life that surrounds and mediates their lives every day – the geographic and environmental conditions of life, work, needs (housing, food, clothing, treatment of patients), they can be addressed (in equipment and technology).

For such a comprehensive study was necessary to analyze interactions between people, their actions, values and rules, forms and institutions of marriage, family, analysis of religion, political organization of society. The very fabric of everyday life can be divided into spiritual (thoughts, feelings, experiences, emotions, dreams, etc.) and material (things, household objects, interiors, clothing, etc.). So, in scientific knowledge, there are different approaches to the study of everyday culture. The difference in understanding everyday culture of the scientists traced in the first place, including on what aspects of everyday life to a greater degree of attention is focused. Researchers have for the most part, tend to relate to everyday life everyday things and events that occur in the human, material and spiritual components of everyday existence. Thus, everyday culture – is something that is repeated day after day, the scope of social practice of individual, family, social class or another small group of people life (things that surround, habits and daily behavior, social and moral norms). . Cardiologist often addresses the matter in his writings.