Chief Medical Officer

Additional services: Chief Physician treatment and single – or twin room in conjunction with hospital treatment are more insurance possible, through which a single or twin room or the treatment is guaranteed by the Chief Medical Officer. As the Chief doctor when medically necessary already assumes the treatment, a higher per diem hospital makes more sense; a single or twin room is helpful depending on your personal feeling. Treatment at the naturopaths and alternative treatment methods a more private supplementary insurance is offered for the treatment of the practitioner as well as natural medical and alternative treatment methods. Since the statutory health insurance the cost of natural medicine not or apply only within very narrow limits, makes such insurance for all persons, who would rely not only on conventional medicine or generally prefer gentle methods of treatment. Supplementary insurance for natural medical and alternative treatments are often offered in cooperation of a statutory health insurance (GKV) with a private health insurance as well as those for tooth replacement. Usually a favorable contribution rate can be guaranteed in this way; However, such insurance almost always with maximum annual benefits are limited. Comparison of private supplementary health insurance what should also assume a desired private supplementary health insurance, a comparison of the offers is useful in every case. In some cases, the statutory health insurance, the insured is, can offer very attractive offers on a cooperation agreement with a private insurance company.For safety’s sake can undergo this in-house tariff with further offers an insurance comparison. Depending on the services included the cost of a private supplementary health insurance between a few euros can up to 100 euro per month cost. In addition, the age, sex and other factors play an essential role in determining contribution even with this insurance. A private supplementary health insurance comparison helps to find the lowest fares.