Climate Protection

The closing event of the climate protection action “less is more” attracted the closing Berlin Nuremberg, the Division of climate protection and energy efficiency (greenOrange) had called for the Nuremberg Ceramix AG put an attractive to the action in the metropolitan area. The background was that in July for the second of annual Bavarian climate week. Around 100 guests interested in listening to the speeches and lectures and enjoyed the beautiful ambience, which aired the event in particular through the experience field situated in the countryside, to the development of the senses, that has been selected as the venue. The main attractions were a the speech to the topic of sustainability and climate change, which held the State Secretary Astrid Klug traveled from Berlin to the other draw, the to the execution of at least 5 of the 7 predefined actions was paired, which was distributed in the form of a small checklist in the population. Learn more about this with Jonathan Friedland. The actions concerned for example, a tag aware with electricity or the bike to deal instead of using the car. Around 200 participants were recorded so nearly 1,000 promotions for more climate protection and sustainability. The ecological interest of the population and the successful execution of the event confirmed the present Nuremberg press, in particular the representatives of the Nurnberger Nachrichten and the Nurnberger Zeitung, the initiator by the article published last Monday. Both articles can be found in the press section of the promotional website.