Clinical Studies

For Flvia Vieira War Alves, Karla Kristine Dames and Roberta de Lima, the article ' ' The Nurse as Coordinating of Clinical Studies in Oncologia' ' he denotes in objective and descriptive way the conduction it nurse before the existence of a variety of attributions coordinating them of clinical studies. For formularization of the systemize and descriptive research the databases PubMed, SciELO and Peridicos Capes had been used. The authors initiate saying of the growth of the number of clinical studies and the quantitative one of involved professionals including the coordinators of studies, with the diversity of activities that compete to them. However, such growth is not proportional to the number of divulged works, that is, a lack of scientific studies directed mainly toward the performance of the coordinators of studies in relation to the activities that compete to them and of its repercussion for world-wide clinical research exists. After extensive metodolgica boarding, characterized for the research and collects of data in the sites specific, mentioned above, the authors tell of form sucinta a historical briefing on the performance of the nurses as coordinating of clinical studies, where she perceives that she had, although small, an advantageous maximizao of these studies.

In the trajectory of the practical professional of the coordinating nurses of clinical studies, topic presented in the article, notices the evidences of this advance. When analyzing the content of articles, was evidenced that, during the year of 2003, the conception concerning the performance of the nurses in this direction was including, involving the relationship with the participant patients of the study and the contribution with the evolution of the knowledge of the medicine, since in this year an enthusiasm (not mentioned for the authors) for formularization of this practical existed. In this context, in the following year the recital of the activities and responsibilities of the nurse as coordinating of studies better is defined and divulged how much to the main subject and its degree of complexity.