Concretization Of Winter Tyres Compulsory

‘Raaj Announces much but achieved little’ Hanover, 09.11. 2011 – the tightening of winter tyres compulsory announced for this fall is adjourned with high probability on 2012. Especially the discussion on raising the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 to 4.0 mm had nourished the hope of more road safety. However, the Federal Ministry of transport wraps up for weeks in silence on the subject. Official. Whispered involved say, you wanted to break anything above the knee. Soren Bartol, transport policy spokesman of the SPD, Transport Minister Ramsauer sees the responsibility soon cars cross at snowy roads who these days in the Federal Ministry of transport is calling to inquire after the concretization of the winter tyres compulsory announced for this fall, receives the following standard reply: continue the consultations for a new draft regulation of winter tyres compulsory. Where is the security in the foreground, especially the reduction of risk from traffic hazards and Traffic under winter weather conditions.

For this reason, increasing the currently prescribed minimum tread depth for winter tyres in consideration is pulled.” That but still no appropriate regulatory design was presented to the Federal States, encounters heavy criticism at the opposition. Asked but the SPD Bundestag group in May 2011 Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer, to clarify the duty of winter tires. Already in December 2010, the Federal Council had demanded the same. Ramsauer Announces much, but achieved little, Soren Bartol (MdB), spokesman of the AG sues transport, building and urban development of the SPD parliamentary group to pilot: project, Hanover. I’m afraid that it comes until the next onset of winter to any change in the legal situation, including the legal minimum tread depth at M + S-tires not to 4.0 millimeters is lifted. At the end of many cars are available again on snow-covered highways cross, and the Minister has not succeeded in a year, to clarify.” In the past August was an employee of the Federal Ministry of transport of the Hanoverian agency pilot: project GmbH declared: the Federal Government has taken up the resolution of the Federal Council.