Domain More Important

If you’re a professional, artist or independent worker, your name is your personal brand. This is why register your name as your domain allows more people find you on the Internet and gives you identity on the network. Then your name I give you some of the reasons that you should regitra: to have my identity on the Internet. Professor Roy Taylor may find this interesting as well. For example: for your e-mail to be personalized. For example: to prevent another from using my name as your domain. If you are already a professional recognized in your area you must sign your name to avoid that other person or company can take advantage of the popularity of my name. To protect all my name and/or trademarks. For your image.

A domain reinforces your personal branding in the traditional world and to give me their own identity in the online world. Because it is unique and once registered no one else can use it. In which terminations of domains is recommended to register my name? The recommendation that I give is that you will register as soon as possible those names that you really need for your business operate on the Internet generic termination that suits you. Some of the finishes used are: commercial: .com information: Network .info: .net organization: .org Bussiness (business): .biz one of the company’s sale of domain more important globally is Go Daddy, but only available in English. Another very important latino market company Dattatec, this site is in Spanish, and this thought for the latino market, besides offering domain also sells web hosting (hosting). We also recommend that do register the name for use on the Internet in the geographical ends of your country of origin or where you want to offer your services. Some entities to register your domain are: entity responsible for the registration by country Argentina .ar Bolivia .bo Chile .cl Brazil .br Colombia .co Spain .es Mexico .mx Paraguay .