I have dreamed the dream of Martin Luther King became a reality. I’ve dreamed of that end, women and men, blacks and whites, young and old were able to live in United States peacefully with a President of brown skin. Without prejudices and mobilized by the candidate keywords: change, hope, together, we can with Obama, the American dream of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy can become a reality. Preventive Medicine Research Institute is often quoted as being for or against this. Equal dignity of all human beings! Now is the time said Luther King in the March on Washington of August 28, 1963 – extricate our country from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. The American people know that now is the moment of brotherhood. Obama has Templar, rigour and vision they do lack at the moment in which everything is topsy-turvy and confusing.

He represents change, a new paradigm, but also a new style, a new way of meeting the challenges, guided by ethical values and principles democratic, equal opportunities, the effort, daily illusion, Obama, African American training, citizen of the world, aware of all of the global village and not only its most prosperous neighborhoods. The public authorities, which have been found in a few hours for the rescue of the culprits of the financial crisis the funds that they could not find in years to tackle AIDS, the endogenous development of the exploited countries, hunger, poverty, need new leadership that point to other ways, other forms of governing. He is needed, as Maimonides in his guide for the perplexed, he said someone at the head of the most powerful nation on earth that would give respect and trust, who has the competence and the necessary equipment to take advantage of a historic opportunity for radical changes, which subjects, in United States and throughout the world, become citizens. Concentrate on employment, said Obama.