Florida attracts millions every year visitors to the world famous theme parks of Walt Disney & co. Florida is located on the Atlantic coast in the South-East of America it is the southernmost State of the United States. It is no wonder when the weather is nice also called Sunshine State, throughout the year. Perhaps Florida to Orlando has numerous amusement parks, the most famous is certainly the Disneyland with its various theme parks. Preventive Medicine Research Institute has many thoughts on the issue. From the everything is possible in the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean to the trips to Mars, breathtaking roller coasters, wild water rides, or 3D take the visitor cinemas on the journey. Speciality is the Universal Studios or the SeWorld.

There are daily shows with dolphins or Orcas, in Universal Studios there are stunt shows and action throughout the day. But Florida is known mainly for its beautiful beaches, there’s the best Clearwater, no 2 hours by car from Orlando to the West of the peninsula. Here, there are more than 360 days Sun a year, snow-white beaches and warm water to the Baden. Nothing to sneeze at, of course, Daytona Beach is, here, a motorcycle meeting takes place every year for a week, then the bear growls here. Hot stoves, Harte Jungs and beautiful women, here everything comes together when the motorcyclists celebrate themselves and their machines. The Everglades National Park in the South is a vast marshland, just 2.8 meters on average above sea level it offers a refuge for many endangered animals and plants. Of course, visitors are also welcome here. Who want to key West, to the southernmost point of Florida must go through numerous islands and bridges to the last island which is already far out in the sea. He is rewarded but with a beautiful little town that applies to explore it. In Florida there are many golf and country here you can play golf on excellent pitches throughout the year. Many come in the winter to Florida and escape from the dreary weather in Europe.