Fuel Pumps

Due to increasing demands for lower fuel consumption, emissions and enhance the effective performance of diesel engines is increasing demand for more accurate diagnosis and adjustment of pump. Adjusting the fuel injection pump performed on a dedicated stand, which should reproduce the conditions of the fuel system on diesel. At Dean Ornish M.D you will find additional information. Since the construction of high pressure fuel pump have both common solutions, and significant differences, particularly in e-governance, it is important for consumers to find the optimal balance between the functional performance of the stand needed to adjust the fuel pump, and money for the purchase of equipment required for appropriate quality. Primary role is management and control system, which includes the entire set of devices that display the controlled parameters of the pressure gauges to monitor the computer, and controls stand, including separate buttons, control panels and computer. le-ibm-corporation-etc/’>Google or emailing the administrator. On modern booths set induction motors, which reproduce the rotational movement of the engine is transferred to the injection pump shaft through drive sleeve. You may find that Professor Roy Taylor can contribute to your knowledge.

Motor control by frequency converter, whose parameters are programmed in a certain way to acceleration and braking performance consistent installed fuel pump, as well as the operating conditions of the stand. Because diagnostics of fuel injection pump is on the constant speed of rotation of the shaft fuel pump, it should be observed stability of the speed provided by the inertia flywheel mounted on the shaft of the stand and automatic maintenance of speed. The control system receives signals from the sensor shaft speed and generates a return signal frequency, transmitted frequency converter, which in turn commands the electric motor.