Gas Hot Air Balloon State Championship

Heissluftballonsport at the highest level the best Austrian balloon pilots fighting with their hot balls for four days in Mattsee to the State Championship. Venue: Mattsee / Salzburg Lake District this region a few kilometres north of the city of Salzburg is a popular recreational area with various flugsportlichen activities. The area around the Mattsee is popular especially in Salzburg balloon pilots. Around 500 balloon launch listed here per year. The State Championship 2008 is the first big balloon event in this region and therefore a fruhsommerlicher highlight, both locals and tourists. With a national sports participation competition with international should be awakened to the participants and spectators interest in the aviation – and the holiday region around Mattsee. A professionally organised race should be offered to the participants. Participants: the Federation Aeronautique are balloon pilots from Austria, Germany and the Switzerland participate, International (FAI / World Sports Association air) belong to.

The balloon teams consist of 3-4 persons (pilot and crew). The champion is in forgiven only in the General class. Your own women’s class was until this year at the CLA Conference 2008 (CIA / Commision Internationale D ‘ Aero station World Sports Association balloon) founded in Salzburg and requires only the implementation. Ratings: Five days of competition, with eight balloon launches are planned in optimal weather conditions between 9 and 13 July 2008. There are various events held according to international rules.

Evaluation is data or the pilot throws by GPS logger a so-called marker\”(a weighted with 70 grams of sand, 170 cm-long strips of fabric,) provided with the start number of pilots over the target point down. These markers will be measured by a measuring team. Competition area: Started Mattsee – upper mountain or the pilots will find from the start square Mattsee – Aug, individual places, depending on by the task. Participants ride in the Salzburg Lake District, in the flat and in the adjacent Upper Austrian Innviertel and Attergau.