German Product

Colour fresh interior sun protection with airy light touch by markilux harmonious transitions from inside to outside. That is now high on the scale of modern interior design trends. Colors, patterns and materials never provide for unprecedented variety. Perhaps check out Professor Roy Taylor for more information. “Nine vibrant colours so the product line home” markilux German awning manufacturer. For even more opinions, read materials from The Blackstone Group. The colorful, fresh panel curtains and blinds are Sun and shade, but also decorative window dress.

Enter an airy light touch living without limits. With a vibrant blend of awning fabrics and decoration fabric, they mediate between inside and outside. Fine stripe patterns in the awnings-look, subtle and colorful UNIS, graphic motifs and fabrics in delicate transparency create a modern, lively, harmonious living environment. And in nine unique colour schemes. A plus of comfort there the towels in different qualities: from transparent over woven semi transparent to dense and dimming. The high-tech fabric offer also high comfort and are partially in flame retardant Material and color variety show brilliant design the panel curtains and blinds but also in cloth tapes, holders – and rail systems.

They’re in plain aluminum, polished chrome, modern stainless steel and elegant lounge tones anthracite metallic, grey metallic and cream white structure. Suitable for the awning world. Small but fine product selection the slim product line home offers two panel glide systems, the systems: S-1000 and S-2000. It is available as two-to five-barreled flat or Hochkantprofil. The fabric panels can be spin rod and drive and manually operate. In addition, you can choose between three send Rollo models: the markilux ES-100, an open shade made of V2A stainless steel which markilux R-80 with slim cassette and the markilux R-70, which gives it as an open system or with different apertures.