Germany Insurance

An animal in the House, the insurance budget should be checked in a timely manner and adjusted. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Studzinski. As a dog, horse or cat lovers should in time worrying about the right pet insurance, because with the pick up of the animal going the responsibility on you – to express it in official German: according to BGB you are responsible with the possession of an animal also fault for whose misconduct (strict liability). A can mistake here quickly especially beginners, because you lack the necessary experience and you have underestimated the animal. But even if it’s going to pet insurance, one should differentiate concerning its insurance in: important and necessary insurance the most important insurance is meaningful, but additional insurance for dogs and horses an appropriate animal indemnity insurance, whose main services consists of transferring persons, property, and financial losses caused by your pet. It does not matter whether your dog small or large is your horse a Riding, is tournament horse, foal or horse charity. Each animal can harm due to unforeseen events, the may be when it comes to pain and suffering claims, medical expenses, or even ongoing pension payments can go into the millions.

For dogs animal liability insurance in some States has become even the obligation, for lists dogs even anywhere in Germany. For this reason, cannot log in to the city or town is frequently without providing insurance, possible. For horses is being discussed currently, whether also the animal liability insurance as compulsory insurance law rmly. Just because the animal liability insurance is such an important insurance, should be ensured here that a sufficient sum of the insured will be completed. For this reason you should complete an animal liability insurance with at least 5 million euro, of course 10 million euros, the price difference between these two amounts of the insured is often only minimal are better.