Googly Eyes Work Human

The rise of artificial intelligence should enable human robot weddings in the year 2050 we enter Massachusetts/Wiesbaden / Berlin – a hotel, so we are welcomed by the staff, a man of flesh and blood at least so far. Visit Cardiologist for more clarity on the issue. Because again, the computer arrives. And so he could look like, the receptionist of the future: A bluish face on a black background of the monitor, always attentive and dialogue prepared, at least in the vision of the software developers at Microsoft research. In a video, two company employees inquire after the shuttle bus schedule. The software automatically using a facial and voice recognition, that she has to do it with two people, finally the information should be scrutinized whether both users go for the same destination and the bus here in five minutes”. Microsoft plans to use this system in the future in some corporate buildings in Redmond.

Head of strategy and future researcher Craig Mundie sees the future of natural in this non-contact system Only the tip of the iceberg is UI, a receptionist. But what properties make that human feels the dialog with the machine? The developers of the first wave of interface agents”found that credibility and life not necessarily best achieves the modeling of human life. Instead the developers of the approach by Disney animators have used, to induce the user to drop his disbelief”, so Justine Cassell, Professor at MIT Media Lab. For the viewer that appear particularly human so, what’d exaggerated about round eyes. To write to an interactive nature of reality, the voice plays a crucial role. The research clearly go that people with warm and deep voice be heard better. You enjoy most confidence and be a competent and credible classified”, so the speaking coach and author Ingrid Amon (the power of) (Stimme”, Redline Wirtschaft), the keynote speakers of this year’s Congress of Voice days” is one of in Wiesbaden.

The language dialog expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge shares this assessment in Berlin. He knows that small voice nuances have big impact: the voice quality in speech dialog systems contributes significantly to the well-being of the user. It gives the system personality and sometimes decides whether it will be accepted by the user”, so Pape interviewed by NeueNachricht. A lifeless, weak voice work as a sleep aid, a sharp and cold voice, however, could in the worst case cause defense postures. It is only a matter of time until we drop the last skepticism of artificial intelligence for the British author David Levy. According to his estimates, robot so human be in 2050, that we take even marriages with them. You are so lifelike in appearance, function and Personality being that they are indistinguishable from the person. Already robot, we can develop that react based on the sound of the human voice with emotions such as anger, joy or grief”, so levy in the conversation with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Is to be hoped that these spouses don’t look like Mowgli from the jungle book.