Hunting Knives

Hunting knife, being a man in his belt, as well as a knife hanging on the wall or lying under the glass house is associated with the aggressiveness of a man of his having. Because the man with the knife automatically goes into category of danger to others, especially if it's hunting knife. But this does not mean you have to be afraid of people who from an early age collecting knives of different shapes, accessories, and colorings. For true Collectors knives are handmade his own soul, and it does not matter it's a hunting knife blade, or simply out of Damascus steel. The presence of unique handmade knives in the collection can be of great value to the person who appreciate art.

Each knife is unique: one pen filigree work, the other blade has its own unique pattern. Pavlov's craftsmen created a long time not only locks and memorable forever, but knives unique design. In the museum you can see Pavlovian knives, consisting of 146 blades in a bus, in the form of a pig, and each has at least 100 blades. We are not only followers of the old traditions of a knife, but use our advanced technologies to design and forging blades. In our online shop you can order any knife with a handle and shape of any material, a knife that will fit into the collection as well as possible. Our experts will be able to choose any parameter blade or knife handle, according to your preferences. The entire range can be viewed on our website under gallery of products, where each blade has a photograph and MSRP for sale. Just visit our online store has a feedback form and kontaktyne telephone sales person to help at any time to pick up eksklyuziyny ekzeplyar or buy a knife, which is already in stock.