Now that approaches Christmas, we must begin to think about prescriptions for familiar dinners. These prescriptions, the good thing, are that they are easy to do, and sufficiently abundant. Then in these dates to think about prescriptions very made can be counter-productive, because we will have many more things than to do, when having to all the family in house. A good proposal would be to make a piglet to the furnace. Ingredients of the Piglet to the Furnace. 1 whole and small piglet. 1 water glass A little salt. In the slaughter, we have to request cochinollo whole, and that cleans it on the inside to us.

Already in house we will abriremos, it in the form of book. We will put the furnace to warm up, to 200 Cs, meanwhile salamos the piglet on the inside. We put the piglet, with the ribs upwards, in a mud casserole smaller than the piglet, so that it covers this it and it does not touch the base. At heart of the casserole we spill a water finger, so that it dampens the piglet during the baking. Metemnos eol piglet in the furnace, to 200C, and we left becomes an hour and a half. After this time we will give the return him and we will have another one half an hour, so that it is gilded by both sides.

This is a prescription simple, but extraordinarily flavorful. And, most important, it will not rob long time to us to take care of and to enjoy our family in days in which most important it is to enjoy ours. You will be able to find the prescription of piglet to the furnace, and other many prescriptions of Christmas, in our recipe book of kitchen.