Internet Service Provider Expands Its Range Of CMS

Leverkusen, Germany / Wels, Austria, February 04, 2009 management expert ecomplexx opts for full service-Web service providers and content diversity of the solutions offered in the CMS field and extends its portfolio to the products of Sitecore CMS (Sitecore) and FirstSpirit (e-spirit AG). The international Web service provider ecomplexx opts for more full service and thinks so also the flexibility in choosing the right CMS solution. Our customers have chosen ecomplexx as a service provider. That but doesn’t necessarily mean that they would decide also in the long term for a specific CMS product\”, so Christoph Mause, Managing Director of ecomplexx Germany. We rely on long-term business relationships with our customers. In the course of which, also time seriously, the demands on a system can change. An expanded product range makes the necessary flexible base us.\” The company is thus increasingly on independent advice on choosing a CMS solution. For more flexibility and independence from the selected content management solution should be offered not only existing customers, this extends also the target audience: our partnerships with Sitecore and the e-spirit AG enable us to extend our sales activities to different customer segments.

So far, we mainly serviced customers in the area of medium-sized companies, which we further limited a in consultation with our product portfolio. Now we can serve companies with different requirements and budgets\”, so mouse. The further specialization of project teams on a broader portfolio of technologies and products is now possible through the merger of the company in the spring of 2008 to the new ecomplexx and the further steady, healthy growth at two main locations. Along with the long and intensive partnership with RedDot / OpenText has ecomplexx now 3 systems in the portfolio and can therefore more flexible to the customer’s wishes and that in all locations. The broader orientation Opens the service providers also have the opportunity to grow organically even in economically uncertain times.