Joo Moreira Sales

' ' Soccer is a game of the people practised with old cans in streets of periferia' ' (Salman Rushdie, Indian writer, apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN. 1997 p.95). ' ' When we speak of the people who had marked the happyest moments saddest and of our life, generally we finish speaking of players of futebol' ' (Joo Moreira Sales, cineasta – apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN. 1997 p.95). ' ' Soccer would always have to be a party people to best go it with roupa' ' (Hawk apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN. 1997 p.96). ' ' Football players are artists because they deal with talent, public, trainings and sorte' ' (Ildo Meireles, plastic artist apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN.

1997 p.97). ' ' When the soccer leaves of being healthful, all its activities parallel bars stops of prosperar' ' (Sepp Herberger, old German technician apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN. 1997 p.98). ' ' Soccer was a game of rightnesss, today is a game of errors? it gains who to know to better explore the mistakes of adversrio' ' (Rinus Michels, dutch technician, apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN. 1997 p.99). ' ' The biggest merit of the soccer is to be a team sport that allows to the expression of the talent individual' ' (Luca de Montezemolo, Italian controller, apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN. 1997 p.100). ' ' Soccer is a sport of action and concentration permanentes' ' (Hans-Ulrich Gumbrecht, professor, apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN.

1997 p.100). III METHODOLOGY 3,1 Characterizations of the Study the present study is about a descriptive research with qualitative abrangncia in which it will search to verify the influence of the family during competitions and training of soccer of field in the categories of base of the ATC. 3,2 Population and Sample the population of this study are athlete of team of soccer of field of the club Avenue Tennis Club. The sample was constituted of thirty (30) children who practise soccer of field in the categories of base of the club.