Klaus Janschutz

Is important to translate the texts into the language. Here are sites linguistically to the inhabitants, a particular country about all English-speaking countries are matched, usually better than those who want to operate all linguistic regions. American English is not equal to the British and the Australian is again different. Selection of the affiliate network, the next step is the selection of the appropriate affiliate network via the switch ads on relevant websites in the foreign language. One should proceed carefully when choosing.

On the one hand, it of course generally plays a role, how many potential Publisher provides the network. But even if possible, on the other hand, you should check how many publishers actually come for their own purposes in question, because they speak to the audience, that you want to use. Sometimes are smaller then even better networks. Finally, of course the conditions play a role offered by the relevant network. Offervault is a good first start address for the international search for networks. “(www.offervault.com) agency or not?” This is an important question: you turn a capable Agency, affiliate marketing abroad is easier, on the other hand, it costs money, which must come in once again in the context of successful affiliate marketing.

“” A unique right “or wrong” there is no here. What effect is there maybe wrong! The affiliate networks are selected. What remains are the choice of the specific affiliate partner, as well as the design of advertising and landing pages. You should design similar to the site, due to the culture of the target country. Have to be considered on different things: funny ad banners can be particularly advertising, but what is funny in a culture, keep many people in another culture might be more for rude, making the advertising banner then little advertising. Even taboos are very different. Who hurt the sensibilities of his target audience, will get hardly great advertising success. Colours have partly different effect in different cultures. White”applies in this country as the color of innocence, is as often used for wedding dresses. In other cultures, white is true”as the color of mourning. Even symbols and gestures sometimes have a different effect from culture to culture. “” The high extended thumb is in this country for good “or right”. In some countries, it is an insulting gesture and there should not appear on landing pages or advertising banners. If not taken into account any cultural differences in affiliate marketing with views to a foreign audience, diminishes his chances of success significantly. Best regards Klaus Janschutz