Laser Graphics

History of laser graphics in the glass has about 40 years. The first copyright certificate on the drawing by a laser beam inside the volume of the glass had been issued in the ussr in 1971 No wonder they say that all great – easy! Initially, a point inside Glass is a side effect when the laser, and because of their laser devices out of order. Then, of course, found a way to get rid of them, having ascertained the cause of. But once this effect is the negative side, hence should be pluses. Here it came up with a wise idea to physicists use these terms to their advantage. The first souvenir with laser graphics was truly handmade. Every point counted, and put down by hand. Of course, these gifts cause concern, but the complexity of their manufacture is not permitted to establish mass production.

Everything changed with the advent of computers that will automate the process of creating a souvenir. But the most main event that influenced the development of the technology of souvenirs by laser graphics was "restructuring", where science is actually excommunicated from the "budget" and the scientists became a matter of survival. Professor Roy Taylor has many thoughts on the issue. That's when you and were first installed to draw the laser into the glass. In 1991, in Leningrad, was obtained the first patent on technology that has been called "Laser graphics. Then appeared the first corporate gifts from glass with three-dimensional images inside.

Performance of machines for laser graphics at that time was quite small and increased production of souvenirs was achieved by increasing the number of channels in plants, and some of them reached up to 48! Until the mid-90's market presents optical glass was limited to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but the growing interest in laser graphics and the development of market relations in Russia gave impetus to the advancement of technology production of souvenirs. Installation laser graphics have been sold to Europe, usa, Israel and Japan. China is a separate line item in this list. The rapid development of Chinese economy, cheap labor and the business acumen of Chinese business allowed them to immediately seize the leading position in the production of gifts and souvenirs that are based on laser technology, in particular, and laser graphics. What is happening in the market of laser graphics now? On the background of the huge quantities of cheap souvenirs from China, Russian manufacturers are betting on higher image quality, targeting and exclusivity of their products, as well as the minimum time of manufacture. Currently in Russia there are about 20 companies involved in development of equipment and production of souvenirs in the crystals, and the number of people using their services is constantly expanding due to growing popularity Gifts with laser graphics. The new trend in laser graphics, laser photo is in the glass. Many manufacturers are widely using this technology in their daily work. Laser images are three dimensional and two-dimensional, and are created differently. For the three-dimensional pictures using 3D scanners, which are expensive and not always justified. Flat same two-dimensional pictures are capable of producing almost all modern installations laser graphics. Ease of creation and artistic appeal led to the popularity of these products among consumers.