Loma Linda University

It may be nibbled the nibble cores offer many health benefits, many of them have a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids and contain very little saturated fat. The heart and circulatory system is protected from atherosclerosis and reduces the risk of diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Several studies show that the blood fat values by regular consumers improve the cholesterol and triglyceride levels were reduced, that resulted in scientific investigations of the Loma Linda University in California and the American Harvard University. Also the Institute of food research has an own study carried out, with the result: the fat-rich almonds have prebiotic properties and thus promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut (Bifidobacteria). These important bacteria create a healthy and balanced balance to the harmful intestinal bacteria (salmonella, E. coli, spoilage bacteria) in the gut. More than 20 years ago, even Japanese researchers discovered that Bifidobacteria to the include major components of the intestinal flora.

Folic acid it is almonds contain an essential vitamin, which the human body cannot manufacture, it must be ingested with the food. This important vitamin plays a decisive role in the construction of frequently dividing cells. Also the riboflavin is extremely important for the people, because it assumes important metabolic functions in the body. Walnuts contain good ingredients vitamin E, minerals, trace elements and have a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are known for, that they lower blood pressure, inflammation in the arteries, inhibit and prevent the clumping of platelets, therefore the risk of artery closures will be banned.

However, are nuts are a sustaining natural product, due to their high fat content, but still should be on the daily menu. The Pekan nuts provide in 100 grams 692 calories. The macadamia nuts have 731 calories, para nuts 703 calories, walnuts 667 calories,. Hazelnuts 628 calories almonds 605 calories and calories at least deliver the peanuts with 561 calories. 30-50 grams nuts every day as a snack or in a fruit or fruit salad should be enough for a balanced and healthy diet. Almonds help even with weight loss, although they include the unpeeled nuts. Some researchers, who regularly consume almonds, weighs less than people who eat none at all. Definition: Almonds are a natural satellite makers, a high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids inside them, which in turn help to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and prevents a disease of the cardiovascular system as well as vitamin E. Almonds are for diabetics not only interesting, but also for people who pay attention to their weight and their health because they regulate the blood sugar levels after a meal.