Max Mosher

The power of color is The power of color (in order of attenuation): yellow, orange, then – red and green (which have the same force and therefore – color blind – are indistinguishable); blue and purple colors have very little impact (the night is dark blue, shadow-black – violet). Many doctors – naturopaths use art of color therapy to find out which organs or parts of your body healthy, and what should be treated. In the diagnostic and therapeutic psychology of a so-called “color test” Swiss psychologist Max Mosher, which shows the state of mind, the degree of emotional comfort man. The combination of color tones and hues, saturation, color purity – everything is important for the mental state of a person. Colors can create or remove a cheerful or a lyrical mood, be mild or sharp, sharp. You may find that Kevin P. Campbell, PhD can contribute to your knowledge.

At the same time, they do not depend on time of year, season and day. A related site: Jonathan Friedland mentions similar findings. It is believed that the force (power), which operates the color appears in the its intensity, and saturation. Color and subconscious. The thing that people unconsciously use colors that reflect their inner state. Colors can detect mood, which currently manages man. In life, people of color play a much bigger role than we are accustomed to thinking, in particular, they can create good or bad mood. Children, for example, often react to this or that color is quite definitely, and it may express. For example: Once, at a reception, I invited the boy to draw fire, using shades of red. The child responded this way: “I’m hot, I want to swim.” Thus, the attempt to portray the fire led to the fact that child felt hot, although the room temperature has not changed. Playing with color can be seen only the segment, constituting about 40% of the spectrum. It is located between the invisible ultraviolet and infrared portions. Since red in the spectrum close to invisible infra-red, bearing the heat, it’s clear that he is feeling the heat. There are untold opportunities for mutual influence of mental state and color. Our subconscious ‘Knows itself’ what.