Michael Jackson

A good image is important to have confidence in yourself, to achieve your personal and professional goals and to feel good. Read on to know what are the common mistakes that commit men when choosing your professional wardrobe. -The clothing has to sit well. Most importantly are not brands but the garments you favor and are in your size. Do not trust the number because each company sometimes has different sizes, always try clothes before buying and also if you have changed your weight. The clothes don’t have to be neither too loose nor too tight.

-The shirts. Always make sure the collars and cuffs are clean, and that they are not worn. Shirts must be well ironed. It is best to choose them from natural fabrics, preferably cotton, they may also have some synthetic, but you do not fall into the trap of buying them 100% polyester. The shirt has to be a lighter color than the suit or blazer jacket.

-The white socks. The great singer Michael Jackson was known to always wear white socks, however is not a good option to take with roa dress or not casual, better reserve them for when you are going to do sport. -Short sleeve with tie. In the Office environment, it is best to always wear a long sleeve shirt, we always have the option of constricting when it’s hot. Short sleeve shirts are always without tie and neither with the costume. -Careless shoes. Shoes are a very important accessory, no need to have many but being skin. Take good care, Polish daily and tries to not get the same pair every day so they last longer. If the sole is worn out, don’t forget to bring to the Shoemaker so make you all arrangements that are necessary. When you are using cheap shoes, noticeable at first glance. For costume: wear shoes of dress, the best option are nor moccasins that are more informal or boots, unless you’re a crocodile dundee or a Texas landowner. -Focus now on accessories. In a professional environment, unique jewelry accessories that tend to be accepted are clock, the marriage Covenant and the twins. Earrings, pulsars, necklaces and the like, better reserve them for out of Office. Rather than use a tie 100% polyester, it is worthwhile not to use any. Best of silk, cotton or even wool. The tie has to be clean and without hitches or loose threads. Costume and dress pants are Strait but, belt with a large buckle. -As for the hair, it is important to carry a current haircut and keep it with periodic visits to the hairdresser. Plucking excess hair between the eyebrows and cut the hairs protruding ears and nose. The keys to consider to have a good professional image is Modelo summarized in caring for the hygiene, pay attention to the details and use clothes and accessories of quality.