Minerva Publishing House

A bit of straw on it, would be a luxury. Orders are ferocious. Dan a can of sardines, every twenty-four hours for fifteen people. Two or three children die every day. We wanted to escape and it has been impossible: the gendarmes on each side, opposed an impassable barrier. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Newcastle University. They have dark heart, such as uniforms and the soul of tinplate.

“We are prisoners of a friendly nation.” Mistral Silvia. THE voice PRISONER of a nation friendly Mistral Silvia writer published in Mexico, in 1944, a delicate book of stories in poetic prose, Madreporas, with illustrations by Ramon Gaya and autograph dedication to Ceferino Palencia, husband of Isabel Oyarzabal malaguena, the first Ambassador of Spain; four years earlier, had published serialized in the magazine today, her diary, which was published by the Minerva Publishing House, founded by her husband, the exodus title: Diary of a Spanish refugee, with a prologue by Felipe Leon, and regarded as one of the major works of the exile. In the journal tells us the last months of the war, suffered in a barrio obrero, close to Barcelona. It lies in a corner full of dust guitar – tells us the author-. The curtains have been torn apart by bombs. On the roofs they already do not flutter birds. Where will the birds be? Which region inhabit, now, swallows, sparrows and the goldfinches? Now, everything is torn apart by the war. I’m going to leave.

How and where? I don’t know then tells us a bitter view of the French concentration camps. In Argeles is easier to enter to leave – Mistral Silvia – tells us. An immense Beach, and nothing else. Or shed, or water, or food, or nurses, or medicines.