Molecular Genetic

You must know, dear son, that they were the orations of your mother that did, that the mercy of God touched my heart; that he was hard like a rock; they were its orations that abrieron a small crack in the shell of a hardest steel in which my will was locked up to turn around the eyes to God. And it was by that crack by which all the river of the mercy of God put, and by its miracle a cataclysm in my being took place; and then I recovered the view of my soul and could again see the way the sky. And the way to the sky, for me, is a very difficult and close way; I see but it with all clarity and I am contented of it to have seen and chosen. For that reason now to my I say you yet love that you have taken the way takes that you to the opposite destiny. One of the reasons by that they arose and/or they prospered in you homosexual tendencies is because I failed to you like father. But thanks to God you are even alive and your situation is revertible if you want. And this is so certain that I reproduce extracts to you of referring scientific studies: 1. Molecular Genetic study of the Sexual Direction of the Institute of Investigation Northwestern Evanston de Chicago, in the United States.

His director Alan Sanders, supporter of the movement gay in E.E.U.U published results in March of 2008 and declared to the press: I do not believe that gay exists a gene, and clarified that other nongenetic factors take part, as social influences and ambientales" () 2. Scientific research: Infantile perception of Not being accepted like Predisponente Factor to Homosexuality. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. the possibility of a reparative therapy is real and, although not it always can to guarantee the result, in the sense of the profit of a complete heterosexualidad, the progresses in the development of one more a healthier identity are well-known and, in many cases, a total success manages to be reached This is an affirmation in the scientific research of the Clinical Psychologist Maria Marcela Ferrer, the complete extract of are them to the conclusions annexed at the end of the letter.