Natural Cosmetics

ALL FOR Eve is the stylish natural cosmetics from cowshed of the trendy natural cosmetics shop ALL FOR Eve’s expands its portfolio to the high quality products of the English cult brand brand cowshed. The iconic natural cosmetics brand was originally developed for the same Spa in Somerset England. The name cowshed (cowshed) comes from the former residents of the building, which housed the Spa. Not according to cowshed smell however playful brand products, which are made from 100% natural, fair trade, and of course grown essential oils from around the world. These raw materials are free of Parabens, petrochemicals, and Sulphaten, no artificial fragrances and dyes and are suitable for vegetarians. Advanced cowshed range to a lifestyle body care series, which in addition to a hand and hair care, also the bullocks for men be based on the traditional spa products in September 2008″includes products. A short time later brought even a Mama-child care on the market. The creative fragrances and care worlds carry original names such as lazy cow, knackered cow or wild cow.

Cheeky presentation was the brand within a very short time to the absolute cult label in England Beautynistas and makes the daily care purest pleasure. At ALL FOR Eve, the customers can order now already has exclusive mother child line and the aromatic candles. Also the Adams among the customers come on your costs, because Bullock series, there is now also the ideal natural care products for men at ALL FOR Eve. ALL FOR Eve’s offers stylish and high-quality toiletries, cosmetics and fragrances from the metropolises of this world – products which are characterized by high quality, natural ingredients and sophisticated design. Press contact: ALL FOR Eve’s E.k.. Eva maximum r. Koempelstr. 34 82340 Feldafing Tel: + 49 8157 997710 fax: + 49 8157 997711