New Communication Systems

Cisco and Musion companies have launched a new telecommunications system for large companies based on holographic telepresence can be anywhere, even while thousands of miles. In principle this technology is aimed at large companies to their top executives to give speeches and conferences anywhere in the world without physically being present. It is a system in the future is expected to replace the current video. The technology used allows people who use interact with each other almost completely, ie at a meeting of business executives in Beijing may be present and interact with each other even when they were all in different parts of the world. Holograms that we saw in the movies of star wars are no longer as far as it seemed. Soon we can enjoy this technology because it is trying to offer this service to everyone who is connected to the Internet.

The idea of this technology is that all devices such as telephones, televisions and projectors used for telepresence interact. On the Web can see an example of what this technology can do, it seems that people are in that place of truth. It appears that this technology is intended to flood the world with holograms, and soon the big brands advertising geared to this technology, futuristic cities that are no longer seems so far away. In the not too distant future, as they say, new technologies, innovative pretty form part of our daily lives by making it easier communication between people around the world, and who knows, even beyond our planet.