Nietzsche Cualquiera

There is no reason to look for suffering, but if this comes and tries to get into your life, fear not; look to the face and the forehead well raised. Friedrich Nietzsche Cualquiera can dominate a suffering, unless he feels it. William Shakespeare while we stay in this dimension, we are subjects that anytime the suffering be made manifest, scope, impact will depend on how you have not prepared to cope with it., in addition to which is our Karma in relation to this. Says, that suffering, disease and pain play very important role, in the life of man as we awaken from the lethargy of the comfort and the ennui, us out of the lethargy, stimulate our most profound and human mechanisms, us open to relations more comprehensive, affectionate and mature with ourselves and with others, as we move to the practice of pure loveof forgiveness and generosity. Dean Ornish M.D can provide more clarity in the matter. There are people who have found inner peace, have been in the midst of their suffering, managed to reconcile with themselves and give a definitive meaning to its existence. Wikipedia reminds us, that suffering is the emotion caused by any condition that undergo a nervous system wear.

Suffering, as any other feeling, can be conscious or unconscious. When it manifests itself consciously makes it in the form of pain or unhappiness, when he is unconscious translates into exhaustion and/or fatigue. Adds us, that suffering is usually associated with pain and unhappiness, but they do not have to be linked since any condition may be suffering and cause pain if it is aware of the wear and tear that is having. The suffering when it causes pain forces the individual to adapt somehow. Reasoning cause suffering and can cause pain if the situation has forced the mind to undergo brain changes that cause neurons to change their synaptic schemas or establish new connections, so there is a biological change which will allow the individual resolve the situation and means enabling it to adapted to avoid suffering.