NLP And The Social Field

The social field of NLP & NLPt in Austria the first NLP seminars there were in Austria according to our level of knowledge at the beginning of the 1980’s: – Thies Stahl (September 1983) – Gundl Kutschera Jelem/contactor (October 1984) (1984) – there are about 50 people or offer the so-called NLP Practitionerkurse organizations. Form of organisation: GmbH’s, WiFi’s, clubs, individuals and working groups. “” The term practitioner refers to the US term practitioner of law “, practitioner of medicine”. These signals competence legally and historically. Preventive Medicine Research Institute spoke with conviction. Because among other things, since the 1980s, one could perceive following differentiation: mini-courses (3 to 7 days) and “distance learning” with DVDs crash courses (14 to 21 days) professional courses (33 to 37 days) most providers use the low standards of the so-called umbrella association for NLP, oDV NLP/DV-NLP (humorous Viennese label weak Association”). This was about 1994 linking interests and against the quality standards unreachable for these persons of the oTZ-NLP & NLPt founded. Only 4-5 provider (Helga Obermair, Dr.

Pesendorfer, team winter, Kutscheracommunication, oTZ-NLP & NLPt) require at least 30 days for the graduation of the practitioner. The oTZ-NLP & NLPt requires 37 days since 1985 and in addition since 1989 live testing and skills assessment videos. From competition law and managing perspective, NLP trainings include mainly the area of psychological consulting, coaching or life and social advisory, as well as two providers also civil law mediation (oTZ-NLP & NLPt integrates and separates Trinergy GmbH). Trinergy (Mr Brown) but makes courses more than 50 people, which contradicts the policy of the Ministry of Justice (max. 25 participants). Also has only the oTZ-NLP & NLPt approval for the NLPt trade specific and EPATI certification. Only the oTZ-NLP & NLPt is accredited with decision from 2007 for psychotherapy. -Only approx. 10 NLP providers have the necessary LSB/coaching certification – only 2 for civil law mediation – only 1 for academic Courses – only 1 is ISO 9001:2000 certified and listed support throughout Austria – only 1 which falls into the category of the psychotherapy Act and by the EAP (EPATI) criteria required = A category A category at least five psychotherapists training stable as a team, and since at least 5 years 4-year curriculum for psychotherapy already carried out empirical research modality professional society membership (for NLPt thats the EANLPt), EPATI status direct recognition of the BMW for m.SC (or per futuro certificate course) 1 oTZ-NLP & NLPt, 1090 Vienna of the self-understanding from professional NLP, coaching and mediation, academic and psychotherapy training.