Orange Blossom

The flowers are a wonderful world of beautiful colors and aromas, which immediately captivate any people who is lover of nature or beauty in any sense, because great overflowing of sensations that can wake up a beautiful flower will cause any person to enjoy largely one of these beautiful samples of beauty that nature has given to people, but the flowers are such not only aromas and colors are also a great means of health or of any effect of welfare purposes. In accordance with the above one of these fine examples of nature’s beauty that is not only an ornament but also acts of medicinal way, is the flower of orange blossom flower from the Eastern of the India, China and Burma, but the flower of orange blossom has been extended to a lot of places in the world and is cultivated in areas in which enjoys a tropical and temperate climates. Orange Blossom flower is also called orange blossom, since the flower is part of the fruit producing trees that produce Orange; Orange Blossom flower name comes from the Arabic language, the phrase el-orange blossom which means white flower. How to get orange blossom flower, is placing sacks under the orange tree in the era in which begin at desflorecer, with the idea of not mistreating the tree nor to the petals of the flowers, the tree also has certain elements that make it difficult to obtain flowers blossom with hands, since it has spines; so there is to wait to that orange blossom flower petals fall in sacks, subsequently put to dry in the shade, now with orange blossom flower will be a te or infusion, either through the 12 flowers of orange blossom or 5 drops of essential oil obtained from Orange Blossom flower. The idea of using the flower gives Orange Blossom is due to a lot of qualities possessing this flower of great benefit to the health of persons, of such form can be found at the flor de azahar properties in terms of Cardio-circulatory Protector of the small vessels:.

Digestive antispasmodic. Genitourinary diuretic. Skin and mucous antifungal. Antibacterial. Therefore orange blossom flowers are an excellent medication vegetable, which is administered orally or external and local form, depending on the effect with orange blossom flower, look for it to be used as a sedative antispasmodic, soft or to combat dyspepsia, varicose veins, phlebitis, haemorrhoids, edemas, diarrhea, hyperlipidemia. Other uses which has orange blossom flower is as a very good smell natural perfume, which placed 250 grams of dried flowers in 1 litre of alcohol of 45 degrees, and is left to rest for three days, after which slips and can be used immediately, obtaining an excellent home very good smell perfume.