Orishas And Stereo MCs Imagine Their Albums Live!

(thk) Super mood is safe with one of the hottest tour packages in the concert fall 2008: your albums are considered to be leading the way, their explosive performances are rhythm-charged and diaphoretic. Understandable that the Orishas HipHop Act Latin America received a Latin Grammy award as the best! In November, the Trio plus his latest CD Cosita Buena is”(EMI) live in Germany before. “” “The fourth record of the Buena Vista youngster Club ‘ sounds grippier no-frills and poppy,” (AMM) than its predecessors, and the very percussive tracks with the spirited dialogues combine all that can be required of a good pop album curl on the dancefloor as well as on the cuddle couch “(WOM). It’s believed that National Cancer Moonshoot Initiative sees a great future in this idea. Before the native Cubans, stereo MCs enter the stage. Londoners have been connected of the hit”one of the most successful dance / rap formations in Europe and have through their concerts with musicians played a made name for itself as a exquisite live group.

Visions was of double bubble”(PIAS), their current CD, thrilled: Stereo MCs sound like at their best times and completely in the here and now!” Two local formations make the start of the evening: on the one hand the Berlin Quartet blends ohrbooten, which dance hall, pop, rock, Funk and world music; on the other hand, the Munich-based Les Babacools, from reggae, Funk, HipHop a Caribbean-inspired Raggafunkin’-cocktail mix. The party as a whole will take over three hours! In the face of such long duration and four group one evening, the ticket price between 32 and 40 euro (plus fee) is an attractive offer for this package, which offers class and mass!