Pharma Massage

Around 10 15prozent of all infants receive three-month colic. Numerous studies have shown that various massage techniques can help babies to relieve the pain with three-month colic. The calming of the gastro-intestinal tract of the infant massage of Bauchleins help one with gentle pressure in a clockwise direction. An additional method of massage is, go with the Palms from the navel to the legs, secretes himself so the excess air and the baby feels better. Foot reflex zone massages support the executive functions of the babies. This benefits the whole body of the infant. The stimulation of certain points on the soles of the feet relaxed stomach and intestines of the child, as well as the overall metabolism. The spot or massaging the baby the whole sole of the foot with the thumb reassured.

This massage technique is bleeding through and punishes the muscles also. The baby massage techniques can be learned well under professional guidance. There, the instinct of parents is perfected. There are also very well-tolerated suspensions in the pharmacy. Mammoth Pharma provides a soft suspension, with the active ingredient Simetikon. The suspension is child-friendly without alcohol, sugar and lactose. As a specialist for mother and infant medicine, mammoth Pharma offers a dispensing guide is specially designed for babies.

Thus, the amounts are accurately adjusted and easy to administer in the infant’s mouth. The dispenser has proved to be very practical, so mammoth San, the suspension against infant colic, is equipped also with this practical dosing aid. The mammoth baby Bauchlein well run until now was recently baptized in mammoth San. “Except the name nothing has changed but” R. Christensen, Managing Director of mammoth Pharma says. Mammoth San also dispenses with alcohol, sugar and lactose and is tailored especially to the needs of the small.