Protein Bars

Athletes should be aware all ingredients sports nutrition is of many athletes from the life impossible to imagine. It is difficult especially professionally active people who have time-consuming commitments, enough to eat. For this reason, they resort to dietary supplements such as protein drinks, fitness – and protein bars, etc. There is a difference between fitness and protein bars. Fitness bars contain mostly all kinds of nutrients, while protein bar provide the athletes mainly high-quality protein. Some fitness bars can be compared even with weight Gainern in the form of bars, because they contain too many calories. Before buying a sports nutrition or fitness or protein bar, you should pay attention to the ingredients of these products. So, for example, some fitness bars are not what they claim to be.

The fitness bars contain as much sugar and other ingredients, can be described at best as candy, but certainly not as a fitness bar”, explains Tobias Fendt, operators of the Sports nutrition Portal Many protein bars which contain only so little protein, so the term protein bar is not really true, so fendt next. Fitness – and protein bars that are advertised with ingredients such as creatine, should be avoided. These additions should rather separately put athletes into, because only so you can dispense sensibly and correctly it explains the fitness expert. A decisive advantage of fitness bars and protein bars compared to conventional weight Gainern or protein drinks is that they are less perishable, not least due to their packaging and you must therefore not extra cool “, adds Tobias Fendt. You can easily put it in your pocket and take it to work and later in the Fitness Studio. Otherwise, this happens in case of weight Gainern, that come in bottles, or protein drinks, which can easily run. Fitness – and protein bars are good companion on trips or hikes.

For those who go cycling or in the car travel, they are also the right snack for on the go. However fitness bars and protein bars, as well as the appropriate drinks, really only supplements and should represent no substitute to the traditional diet. You are rather than occasional stop-gap solution and regarded as a supplement “, explains Tobias Fendt portal operators. There are certain times, which it is recommended to consume fitness bar. One to two hours before the training you should eat them. Longer workouts or endurance sports you can eat a fitness bar also in the meantime to continuously adequate energy. Protein bar to eat right or half an hour after your workout. Thus the protein needed for the building is provided in a timely manner the muscles. The 35% of delicate premium bars with high protein content are a Variant. Under best-body-nutrition-35-delicate-premium-pro-bar-24x50g.