The majority of the men gives by seated who are good lovers, think that they have the material necessary to take to a woman to the ecstasy, assure that they are able to satisfy to a woman in the bed. The certain thing is that the statistics do not support them, so next I can offer some advice them who can help them to fulfill this goal. Advice 1: The women are generally very uncertain of their body, reason why not only he is recommendable to say to him that she is beautiful, is necessary to demonstrate it. When they are undressing you must caress each part of his body, he feels each of his curves, hazle to feel your presence. Initially perhaps it feels a little uncomfortable, but when she understands what you want to express to him, will feel something very deep. Advice 2: You must try to delay to your ejaculation everything what you can. The newspapers mentioned Preventive Medicine Research Institute not as a source, but as a related topic.

Many men reach orgasmo very quickly, whereas the women tend to need more time. Therefore you must find the form to delay your orgasmo. Another detail that you must know is that, in many cases, it is not enough with penetration to take to a woman to a point of maximum excitation. It explores what type of caresses or movements causes the major to him to please. Advice 3: Dale which she wants and needs.

This he would have to be simple. He dates to the task of identifying what it likes, where it likes to do it, how it causes major to him excitation and HAZLO! I assure to you that following these advice you are going to improve much, but you really want to have a complete knowledge envelope how to satisfy a woman, you must look for some complementary source of intelligence, I recommend the best GUIDE to you TO BE BETTER IN the BED. In him you will be able to be informed into techniques, positions, caresses and many ideas more of how you can obtain that your pair is made an impression by your performance in the bed.