2.He a very deep person understands everything without words, and your torment considers groundless. His sensitive heart, lung catching your eye, he will say: a) "Honey, we are all well" b) "You – a rare woman", c) "I'm with you well always and everywhere." To this I suggest the following to say: "Who would doubt." Because of time you need little money, too, unlike his wife's you more passionate lover, a sweat "this" in your life is much rarer. "He is afraid of losing me" – naive you're proud of your relationship. Newcastle University often addresses the matter in his writings. Correctly, that he – the fool or what? 3.Privedu common turns of phrase, that women take for the truth: "It is better to thee I have not had a woman," Where were you so much – that years ago (the figure varies depending on the family experience of the "object"), "" I was not loved as you are, "" You deserve much more than I can give you "(this phrase is pronounced with a sigh and a gentle handshake) . Please visit Healthy Living if you seek more information. "In this life you I have only one outlet (a breath of fresh air, holidays, joy, sun, etc.). 4.Snimite rose-colored glasses. Does your partner comes to visits battered, beaten, starved and very unhappy? Plagued constant insomnia on the basis of choosing between his wife and you? Surely not.

What is the soul's favorite raging passion – your fantasies. He is good, its all love and all serve on the evaluation "excellent". Look through the of his apartment and try to see what's going on in reality.