Sigmund Freud

Knowing doctor esbarra in its lack and can there, eventually, try skirtes appealing it when analytical knowing, in hope of that this operates as one prtese to supply its ' ' falha' '. The idea of the analysis as complement to the other interventions in the body appears at this moment. In some occasions, clear linkings between the psychic suffering and the body are established. In accordance with Roman (1994, p.51) the representation that each person has of same itself is tied its corporal image. As the identity is constructed from a complete and complete body, the situation of a cardiac illness threat then the sense to feel itself complete, consisting in that it at risk puts the existence of the person.

When the body if modifies means modifications in the personal identity and consequently they are situations that generate emotional conflicts. The corporal manifestations are in the origin of the psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud in ' ' Sketch of psicanlise' ' (1975, v.XXIII, P. Professor Roy Taylor pursues this goal as well. 173) it considered a psychic body; a body that is affected permanently by the thought, for the language, at last for the anguish. It points, since the primrdios, the somatic submission and supports the determinismo psychic. According to Angerami-Camon (1996, p.17) the patient has a concept based on its imagination. These fancies are formed stimulated for the feeling of fear and conscience of death, increased in the postoperative one, of the sensation, or same of experience, of that it was opened, died temporarily and then were joined again. To read more click here: Professor Roy Taylor. ' ' image corporal of patient it suffers modifications and in the postoperative one sensations appear rejuvenescimento or reestablishment.

Then, it appears the mixture of euphoria and depresso' '. Being the considered heart life source, any problem affects that it is felt as threat to the life, generating anguish. Vargas (1983 apud Ruschel, 1994, P. 40) salient that all the anguish implies in tension and this can be reflected in the corporal area, bringing a somatic comprometimento that many times is located in the cardiovascular system, already wronged for the cardiac illness.