Silvia Greene

Now at the beginning of the holiday season it looks like unfortunately quite organized purge!” Silvia Greene, energetic animal protectionist of the KP + G Schonfelder animal help trying now with their partners in animal protection and veterinary medicine, this massacre to stop e.V., to make international public and large-scale processes of castration to initiate. Silvia Greene: This slaughter I’m stunned because EUR 15 million for rabies prevention was made available in 2005 of Turkey by the European Union. Where has this money gone? We ask all animal lovers, the surviving animals in Antalya by drawing the petitions… and… to help. This terrible example we shows how much money and in-kind donations for castration actions as well as carriers, collars, Linen, toys, animal feed, dog and cat beds (old towels and bed linen / no duvets), bowls, medications such as medicine, frontline, eyes – and detergent, dog shampoo, brushes and shearing machines (in the summer are about 48 C in Turkey), neck collar, disposable gloves, sterile gloves, Sterilikum, surgical instruments such as scalpels, yarn (resorbable and non-resorbable by 0-4), Osteosynthesis, bone drill, bone forceps, Fixators, screws u.v.m need.

Very urgent we are looking for a portable X-ray machine! “Each donation (see donations hotline on is able to save an animal.” The KP + G Schonfelder animal e.V. is over 37 years as an animal welfare organisation in and abroad. For more than 13 years, she is actively working in Turkey as an organisation which preemptively neutered street dogs and cats veterinary treatment. Neutered and treated animals are released. Good place animals are to new owners in Germany conveys. The current situation requires it but for the protection of animals, to leave them until this slaughter is demonstrably finished in the Turkish animal shelters. Contact: KP + G Schonfelder animal e.V. luck of Justice “” Silvia Greene k. str. 5 31547 Radhakrishnan Castle Loccum mobile: + 49 (0) 173 82 56 887 email: Homepage: donations hotline: Spendenhotline.htm or by phone of 0900-1331188-press and marketing partnerships: the pragmatists. Gaby Gunther and Shirley Libii on the Gries 23 85368 Moosburg on the ISAR phone: + 49 (0) 8761 72 09 84 or 85 mobile: + 49 (0) 173 52 77 330 or + 49 (0) 179 547 80 40 E-mail: homepage: