Snow Soccer World Championships

Up to the calves in the snow, playing at the Nokian Tyres snow – World Cup in Finland from February 6th-7th much is completely different. The hardest and funniest football tournament in the world on 50-centimeter-high snow in Ukkohalla with 1,000 players and 70 teams. Very pretty crazy, but very fun. This new snow-fun is very extremely kick with kick: stressful, difficult and adventurous. But also fast and spectacular. Who has the best grip, WINS. While in normal football, a place with so much snow for unbespielbar would explains, then really go at the snow soccer! Falling in the snow brings joy and one of them. A scoring chance chases the next and ensures constant high voltage.

The Finns like hard requirements. Playing snow football in Arctic climate. The enterprises of the country work with this setting. The Finnish winter tyre specialist of Nokian tyres, main sponsor of the snow – World Cup for several years, tests his tyre under extreme 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, which is 700 hectares conditions on snow and ice in its own test centre. There, the temperatures drop to minus 40 degrees.

Especially in difficult road conditions, the car needs good tires with great traction. In the challenging conditions of the North with heavy snow flurries we develop tires, which offer more solid Schneegrip and stronger adhesion on ice, so the car not in the spin cycle comes and when braking in time is\”, explains Antti-Jussi Tahtinen, Vice President marketing communications of the tyre manufacturer of Nokian tyres. As the Hakkapeliitta\”the powerful Cavalry soldiers from Finland in the thirty years war the players assert themselves against the toughest requirements. Just how with our premium tires in extreme situations to get by. We want to help people, that they are safe and happy adventure. We therefore support the snow – World Cup.\” Snow football requires a lot more power than a normal Football match, but offers a unique experience: you forget your everyday life immediately, can overcome limits and can’t do what you don’t do in everyday life.