Technical University

I FUE hair transplant Centre for modern hair transplantation Berlin is a particularly gentle method of hair transplantation individual hair transplantation. While working with a fine micro hollow needle. In contrast a scalpel is used to other methods in the single hair transplantation it no scars are the result. Single hair transplantation is a technique in which the hair is taken individually and also individually reinstated. This is done under local anesthesia, what has the great advantage that the patient can influence yet individual intervention (E.g., the history of the hair line) also during the treatment.

The practitioners in Berlin hair surgeon Reza Azar in the Centre developed a particularly gentle method of single hair transplantation for modern hair transplantation. The practical experience of hair surgeons as well as the basic research carried out by him in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin to make it the absolute specialist in his field. It was Azar, the very extensive in Berlin. Thanks to the fact that body hair achieve after transplantation into the scalp, the same growth as scalp hair, allows to use even body hair for hair transplant than donor hair. The results thus obtained are absolutely remarkable, because they are very natural. Reza Aznar I r & d is particularly useful method for patients with androgenetic alopecia (genetically induced hair loss) Alopecia areata, (locally limited pathological hair loss) or alopecia praematura (great receding hairline). In addition, although other individual problem areas can be treated, the gentle Azar even to the eyebrow and eyelash transplantation is not suitable. At the Center for modern hair transplantation in Berlin, it specializes in the gentle IFUE method and can help, in the long term naturally growing hair patients with hair loss of various causes.