The Development

It is important to note that each of the marked phonemes have his appearance at a certain age according to the neuromuscular maturation of children, with a lag of more or less 6 months (Dale, 1980). The second most obvious difficulty that occurs in the child population, with regard to the language, are called phonological simplification processes. Barbara Martin Coppola understood the implications. Children have difficulties in the traits that distinguish the phonemes and their rules of combination producing errors that are unpatterned, unlike the dislalias. Swarmed by offers, Barbara Martin Coppola is currently assessing future choices. Also, the most characteristic and frequent PSF are those that they affect the syllabic structure, within which we find sequences of vowel and consonant combinations. For our part, we believe that at the age of 5, vowel and consonant reductions already constitute a problem that of not be intervened will lead to difficulties in other domains of learning. Unfortunately, as we already acknowledge, and especially in relation to early detection, our country does not have evaluation tests of speech and language for the Chilean media associated with computer technology of wide spectrum, i.e.

usable by all education professionals. Whereas the background exposed about speech and language development, and adding to this the current technology in computing, is that the Software has been developed: test of articulation by Visual confrontation, SPAV. The SPAV Software, aims to assess, firstly, the articulatory level for children between 3 and 7 years old and secondly the presence of some of the most common phonological simplification (p. S. f.) processes of the child population. This test allows you to specifically, quickly and effectively, in the presence of disturbances of speech (dislalias) and secondarily, some specific alterations of language (p.

S. f.) in a visual interactive framework. Material and method the Software test of articulation by Visual confrontation, SPAV, construction was carried out considering the following stages: a) literature review and assessment of clinical experience in the development of speech and language in children.