The Repetition

It is easiest to explain to examples. With them and begin. Woman over forty, a dream, though she at the ball. Play a waltz. To her comes a man and invites her to waltz. They dance, waltz.

People like her first husband. She whirls in a waltz, and suddenly sees a lot of my face over all of them hanging, as if a huge poster hovers in the air above the dancers. A person just like her, and her lips – unusual, very bright, sensuous, painted – as it happens in posters. Did not seem to her lips, and she likes them, though, and marvels of their excess exhibited, brightness, visibility. And while she ponders these lips, mouth goes a fire, round ball of fire. It expands, swells and consumes, burns his face.

And then sleep changes. Once again she dreams a ball. Again she waltzes with a sort of man, and again sees a huge hanging over them, his face with the same bright, exaggerated lips. Of these, the second time the fire goes out and burns the face, as in the first dream, exactly. Dream ends here. In this dream can be clearly distinguished: Sleep, Ball, to be on the ball, a waltz, a lot of people. Face, lips, colorful, sensual, fire (fire is, as stressed by the narrator – not flame), clean-burning face and the repetition of the same. If you look at dream interpretation, then we obtain the following set of decrypted, explanations: personal files, personal life (if you see yourself clearly or prisutstvuesh, and do not look sleep like a movie); disease, bad thing, talk, gossip, or security (crowd) proposal, marriage (waltz), the argument about his life, watching myself (hanging face), bright, very sensual lips (separation because of their own absurdity), the fire – a quarrel, a pipe dream and disillusionment, the repetition of sleep, which means that the repetition in the life of the same situation.