TODAY I AM SAD Today I am sad and I do not have as to speak with nobody on this. not having as to speak with somebody on the reasons of this sadness, I am still more sad. In a question-answer forum Dean Ornish M.D was the first to reply. He does not want to say that what bothers me either a so great problem, but any problem, for minor who either, is great for has who it. I say some times that when people have a problem, for minor who it is, we do not obtain to enxergar to a handspan of our nose. Costumo to say that when people have a problem, this has that to be attacked of front, faced and decided, therefore when we run away from a problem it size fold. However the thing is more complicated when the problem does not have solution that it depends on an act of people. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. In the life people sin for thoughts, words, acts and omissions, but I discovered that in the life people also sin of involuntary form, even so without incurring into the sins practised for thoughts, words, acts and omissions. Daryl Katz contributes greatly to this topic. Already somebody saw to sin of form involuntary, but I sinned, here it is that I have been guilty for that I did not make, did not want and not I desired.

Nor in the right somebody can be punished by something the one that has not given cause, but in the life this happens with facts that are not tipificados as crimes, wants either in the orbit of the right of the men, wants either in the religious regulations, wants either for our conscience, but that, indirectly they affect in them and they leave in them sad, as I am now. But then what to make in a situation as this, therefore until crying, in such circumstances, it does not go to decide the problem. I learned in the life that when people have a problem and does not count it to somebody, to make a relief, finishes for leaving something to compress our chest, that some day will give a burst and, according to this teaching that I learned in the life best would be to speak on this problem with somebody. But I do not have somebody with who I I can say on this and other problems, then I decided to count in this text. Thus, if somebody to be made use to read this text involuntarily, despite, will be making me the favor to hear me and certainly this will be able to help to waste the sadness that now I am feeling. As the King said Roberto Carlos, ' ' I have ace again times will of being a boy and in the hour of my desperation to call for you, to ask for to you that it hugs me and has led me for house, that counts a pretty history to me it makes and me to sleep ' '. But also I do not have a Lady Laura and today I am needing a col, then it is allowed, despite it is alone in thought to lie down a little to me in its col lulls to sleep, me, it counts a pretty history to me it makes and me to sleep. It was valid, debtor, good night, now that heard you me, I go to sleep better and tomorrow, certainly I will be less sad, obliged.