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My co-religionists me not never understood. I hope that I better understand the performers now that they were not or will never be my co-religionists. angel Ossorio y Gallardo. Hour of Spain. THE voice of a conservative MISUNDERSTOOD writer and essayist, brilliant lecturer and distinguished jurist Madrid angel Ossorio and Gallardo, Dean of the Bar Association and President of the Academy of jurisprudence and the Ateneo de Madrid, with relevant political career that led to the Republic, to the stunning Republican exile’s Ambassador of monarchical conservatism and a Minister without portfolio in the first Government of exilecalled the Government of hope, which was founded in Mexico, in the autumn of 1945, under the chairmanship of Jose Giral, printed his autobiography the Spain of my life (1941).

shortly after receiving asylum in the Argentina, book that has later been reissued in Madrid with the title of my memories. angel Ossorio y Gallardo was born in Madrid on June 20, 1873 and died in Buenos Aires on 19 May 1946. He graduated in law at the Universidad Central de Madrid. He practiced law for more than forty years. Member of the conservative party, was Deputy to Cortes by Caspe, Zaragoza, during more than twenty years in a row. In July 1909. at the outbreak of the tragic week, he was Governor of Barcelona, and resigned to oppose recourse to the army to put an end to the strike.

In 1913, he created the maurista party. In 1919 he was Minister of public works in the Government chaired by Antonio Maura. During the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera he lives away from politics. In 1930 he asked the abdication of Alfonso XIII.