Use The Power Of The Imagination

Our creative capacity is unlimited, just let’s look at the history of mankind and we are surprised to observe arise how grandiose ideas every day in order to make this trip the best experience possible. The problem is that many times we focus on the negative, in conditions that do not build, it is true that it is necessary to resolve adverse situations at all times, but it is valid to focus on situations in which we will be part of the solution, in the contrary all we are doing is losing energy. There must be a total coherence between our wishes, what we do, talk about and observe, remember it always. To do it that way then the power of the creative imagination that lives within each one of us will make its appearance in this way millions are transforming the world. The monotony of certain activities affect our imaginative capacity, so it is important that you are working in conditions which enable it to exploit its potential, it pursues its ideals, not wasted! The success is linked to using our creative capacity greatly, remember that many things from a logical point of view are totally limited. Sensory experiences limit us in many ways, for example, we know that it seems impossible to lift a bus, see simple observation a small object one kilometer, memorize a book of 500 pages in a day, etc. When we focus on the capabilities of the senses then it is logical to feel bound, but its extraordinary power is in the imagination, in his subconscious mind, in its true spiritual essence in the force that is above the material experience. To materialize any desire is necessary to appeal to forces that are beyond our consciousness, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt you will find all the features to understand your spiritual essence, reading this book will understand clearly how the universe, great mysteries are revealed in this book that remained hidden in the past and now they are available to you so you can use them to transform their lives. Everytime you use imagination to create positive things, then consciously or unconsciously is connecting with the creative energy, that way you can find answers to things that seemed impossible, in the book I’m happy, I’m Rico will learn techniques to alter their reality, will come to the conclusion that all physical reality is only governed by ideas and beliefs in his interiorthat way you can change a perception of the other, according to what you want, many things will truly surprise you. If you want a life full of triumphs it must appeal to phenomenal forces, these have already been granted him, the secret is learning to discover them and use them efficiently, life is a great gift and we must strive to learn to know and accept the fact that we create our own world, well, then let this game be a very pleasurable experience. original author and source of the Article