Wakhum Brothers Corp

– Already I go, I am almost ready, plus one momentinho! Two minutes later Renata it appeared flaring, in the top of the stairs. It dressed blue skirt marine, blouse to chemisier white, of silk, ample long sleeves and with one it cuts off discrete. One glue and pearl earrings, simple, but elegant, a sober hairdo, one have touched of pleasant perfume. It was radiating, glad. The promise supper months before, was for happening. Dean Ornish M.D may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Destination, the Italy Terrace, in the Center of the City, to festejar five years of marriage. Alone, of this time, leaving it stops backwards friends, colleagues, known and relatives, with which meetings always finished dividing the pleasure them. But this age a special occasion. Only for they two; at last! Eduardo looked at it embevecido, while it went down the stairs slowly. He was happy for having a so pretty, intelligent, cultured and prepared wife He wanted that they had a special night, inesquecvel, that both> they deserved. In the five years of marriage, they had faced the daily fight with faith and seriousness, having consolidated its position in the companies where they worked, conquering its space; had been successful in the taken over on a contract basis one. Only for chronicle register, it she was Vice-president of the branch office of So Paulo of a.J.Taylor, known the investing International of resources private, proceeding to a large extent from the State of Illinois; it was analyst-head of the Wakhum Brothers Corp, specialized in feasibility studies for firms interested in applications in Brazil. Both pledged them deeply to the positions and occupied its time all.

They would use to advantage the life more ahead; they would have many years for spoon the fruits of its work. Eduardo bound the car, leaving the garage directly. It was a common night, of week; after the nine transit he was calmer and in few minutes they were in the front of the Italy Building.