In the rays of the morning IRIZ jewelry broke thousands of colorful sparks and scattered their reflection on the walls and ceiling. Of joy and admiration Vries put her hands to her chest and in amazement, staring at this shiny wonder. All of its chains, earrings, rings were nothing compared with this royal gift. She gently pulled out a necklace and scarf, put it on his chest, joined to the neck buckle. Jumping from bed, the girl ran to the mirror. With every movement and rotation necklace glowed and sparkled, throwing around a lot of colorful bunnies. Hastily picking up hair and cementing their barrette, she returned for earrings. Bunch of diamond drops ended ruby ball looped necklace.

Vries have not put on my old earrings, and now she had to work hard to pierce the overgrown punctures. After graduating, she again went to the mirror. In mint after sleep nightgown, her hair and no makeup, Vries looked like a princess or as impoverished peasant girl, suddenly has found an ancient treasure. A little twist to the mirror, birthday girl ran to the door and closed it with a key. Returning to the mirror, she dropped to the floor nightgown. The young, slender and well proportioned body in harmony with the miracle that glistened on his chest. The canopy was similar to the high priestess of love, ready to make a mysterious ritual. 'That would take today, and get out in this form to the guests', – flashed into her mind a naughty thought .- Half of them, especially women, just slap in a faint! No, parents do not explicitly approve.